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Please do not suggest ideas that are already there. Vote on them instead! That way we can quickly see what suggestions are in highest demand to be answered.

Thank you for your input and helping us to improve DomiNATION!

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1 vote

Nerf S+ Vivariums

S+ Vivariums are extreamly overpowered. They over automate the game and can make it so one doesn’t have to farm at all. They scale off…

5 votes

Add Additional Creatures 2

I would like to see the additional creatures 2:wild ark mod on the cluster. I think it would be fun to have since we already…

Under Review 4 comments
5 votes

Suggestion Bot

Add a bot in Discord for voting on new suggestions, so that all players can be aware of new ones. Some players don’t know, or…

Under Review 1 comment
13 votes

PVP Map for the cluster

a few people in the discord have been throwing around the idea of asking for a PVP map, rough idea but we as a test…

1 vote

Website Rework

Im not sure who created the website but I feel it needs to be updated. A lot of features are hard too find without links.…

Planned 1 comment
13 votes

S+ propagator

Would like it brought back now that it has been patched even if we have to do a request for fuel once a day.

Under Review 8 comments