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[Sticky] DomiNATION Conan Exiles Rules

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These are the rules for the DomiNATION Conan Exiles Server. Please be aware that these may change at any time. Anyone who breaks the following rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis and at full discretion of the admins, with varying degrees of punishment up to and including wipes/bans.

Rule #1 - Be respectful to others at all times.

Rule #2 - No seriously offensive language or hate speech. This includes player or Clan names.

Rule #3 - DO NOT Build within 20 foundations of any Vista Points, Lore points, Any Speaking NPC, or Ghost/ghosts loot chest, and any Mini Boss or Boss spawn or its dedicated loot chest. 

Rule #4 - You and your clan are allowed two (2) bases total. Maximum allowed size of each base is 200 x 200 foundations in a continuous area. Please limit your builds to under 20 walls tall, for buildings that encompass Elevated terrain. (below and on top of a spire, exp.)

Elevators are allowed 

You may temporarily have a third mini base of 100 building pieces for the sole purpose of taming in a distant location from your two main bases. These are temporary, and will be removed ASAP. 

Rule #5 - Admins will not replace any lost items, builds or thralls for any reason. 

Rule #6 - The admins have final say on all matters, do not ask one admin something then go to another admin because you didn't like the answer.

DomiNATION Gaming Point System 2.0

This is the guidelines by which the Admin's follow when issuing punishments. This is public to make it known to all, so each punishment is fair and just. Points are accumulated by breaking the rules, each violation of a rule gains a player(s) points depending on severity and times occurred. Punishments are handed down based on how many points a player(s) has, based on the following guide:​

1 - 3 points - Warning issued

4 - 6 points - 3 day server ban

7 - 9 points - 7 day server ban

9 - 12 points - Server ban, with the option to appeal in 6 months

12+ points - Permanent Server ban with no option to appeal

Point System Notes:

  • A player may submit a ban appeal 6 months after their ban by filling out the request form found by typing !help
  • Bans are all encompassing, and include any/all games the player(s) in question play, and may also include Discord. Points fall off at a rate of 3 points every 30 days.
  • First time offenders are given a warning, and 30 day probation, but no points. Any additional violations during this 30 day probation period will count as a second offense and points will be given and can include temp bans or full bans.

Asking for support.

If you find yourself in a position where you need some outside help from one of admins, please use the #conan-exiles-support .  In the upper right portion of discord you will see a PIN icon. When submitting requests for help, PLEASE copy/paste that format in the support channel and complete it with your request.  This will help the admin team to help YOU. As admins, we have lives too and by completing the format you give us the information we need to efficiently solve the issue at hand so we can get back to our families.