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Codify a "Citizen's Arrest" exception to the griefing rules.

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Codify a "Citizen's Arrest" exception to the griefing rules.

As the rules are written, a player may not detain a griefer to prevent them from further griefing. By ‘detain’, I mean to either pick the griefer up with a flyer or otherwise trap them in a location without harming them. Further, the rules as written state admins will not replace lost items, with the reasoning given as ‘we are unable to verify an inventory’s contents’ or similar. Combined, these create an interesting effect: A griefer is free to destroy as much of your stuff as they can before they get banned and much or all of the loss will be permanent AND players may not intervene to stop it. This creates a feeling of helplessness and panic in the victims and thus you see many more prominent griefers causing ‘cluster bans’ where these panicked victims are banned alongside them for lashing out (I am not contesting the justness of any bans in particular) when they are attacked. It is not in human nature to sit idly while we are attacked, and it’s therefore pretty unsurprising that when lacking an option these victims will let their panic pick an option for them. To minimize harm, to minimize banning, and to minimize the amount of free reign a griefer gets unchecked, there must be an option for players to protect themselves. This must be a minimally harmful option, as players are not authorized to punish each other. This option must also have the capacity to stop the damage being done by a griefer promptly, and must end when an admin arrives to deal with the situation. The analogous real-world equivalent is the “citizen’s arrest”. In this case, the exception, strictly written, would be: “If a player is griefing and an Admin is not immediately available, you are allowed to pick the griefer up or otherwise hold them immobile without harming them ONLY IF this is the only way to prevent them from griefing further. You must immediately notify Admin-Support on Discord and wait for an Admin to arrive to resolve the matter. If an Admin is not available before your flyer runs out of stamina you may not kill the other player, nor may you leave them imprisoned in an inescapable room and log off unless an Admin instructs you to do so. Falsely claiming you are stopping griefing in order to hold someone will be treated as griefing. You may not hold someone who was griefing but has stopped.” Without an exception like this you dangle a golden apple in front of griefers in the form of an unchecked period of time to cause misery and damage that their banning won’t come close to undoing.
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