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Enable Level Up for Flyer Movement Speed / Enable Flyers on Aberration

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Enable Level Up for Flyer Movement Speed / Enable Flyers on Aberration

This was added in an update a year ago, and has been long requested. At this stage in both ARK’s life cycle and the Domi Cluster, most everybody has skiffs, tek, or bred fliers that can all zip around the map easily enough. There is little to no reason to not allow the speed of flyers to once again be leveled and increased. Additionally, this might also be a shot in the arm/game changer for breeders, as they’d have another stat to level and use for their various flying breeding projects. Similarly, enable flyers on Aberration, for reasons similar to those listed above. Aberration is now several years old, and most people still playing there have/use skiffs anyways, or have/use TEK to fly around. Might as well just let people take flyers over there, as that will only benefit new players.
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  1. Sarah [CC]

    We will look into the flyer movement speed.

    We will not be enabling flyers on abberation due to possible meshing issues and people getting stuck.

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