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Remove Icthyornis

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Remove Icthyornis

Delete that meance of a seagull from the spawns on every map. It’s annoying. It’s hitbox is broken to where you can pump dozens of arrows into it, have them literally sticking into it, and it won’t take any damage. Furthermore, it is exceptionally stupid that it can eat an entire stack of narcotics and not pass out. It’s broken. It’s annoying. Literally nobody likes it or uses it. Please get rid of it.
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  1. Zorpthug

    I know another cluster replaced Leeds with Trilobites. That could be done with Ichthyornis if it’s easier than removing them. They both like beaches.

  2. Sarah

    At this time, we are declining this suggestion. Although they are annoying, we don’t see a viable reason to disable them.

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