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S+ propagator

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S+ propagator

Would like it brought back now that it has been patched even if we have to do a request for fuel once a day.
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  1. Peanut [CC]

    I don’t think it should return. It’s a huge disadvantage for the non patrons making gestational animals lay eggs instead of the normal way of breeding where non patrons have to wait for their babies to birth. Also once eggs arrive putting in the incubator to decrease time there is the huge disadvantage. Also S+ is very famous for breaking what they fix when patching another issue. So yea this would be a huge no.

  2. Owned527

    The propagator is not an advantage Peanut its a way to treat gestation animals like egg layers in s+ as the game has no way to mass mate like the egg layers in s+. The stuff you bring up is not the advantage. The advantage was it would break and get rid of breeding timers. The gestation time is not the reason it was removed.

  3. RagingBrainer

    Honestly, I believe this should come back as it will reduce lag. However, I do not know how I feel about it being able to turn gestation dinos into egg laying ones.

  4. Sarah [CC]

    We are currently running tests and finding the best way to potentially bring this back while also making sure we don’t have to do a huge clean up or take it back again. once we do testing it will have to go through a team vote and if passed will be implemented with adjustments to prevent exploits or a huge leg up over non patreon players.

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