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7 Days to Die – Alpha 18 Experimental Server

We now have a 7 Days to Die server running the freshly released Alpha 18 experimental branch! More information about the server as well as release notes can be found here: 7 Days To Die Alpha 18 Server Info. Group up with other players against the zombie hordes by joining our Discord! Happy blood moon!


  1. dada felix

    hi DOMINATION =)

    i am mouse. i play on the 7dtd A18 experimental server. i have been on there for a couple weeks- it is fun! thank you for hosting this game!

    the stable A18 came out yesterday. B2. would it be possible to update the server to the current build? the server is running B115, so anyone who updated their game can no longer join.

    Thank you for listening! *respect*

  2. TheGreenSlime

    Hi Mouse,

    As part of the Stable A18 release, the experimental server was switched to the public branch instead of latest_experimental. You should switch to the public branch as well in Steam in order to join the server again.

    If you have any questions, feel free to join Discord and drop them in the #7-days-to-die channel! Thanks for playing on our servers! 🙂

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