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ASE Servers Moved

The following servers have been moved today. In order to find the new details, check out #announcements in Discord, or visit

#3 Scorched Earth Public
#4 Aberration Public
#5 Ragnarok Public
#12 Events Hub
#16 Crystal Isles Supporters
#17 Genesis 2 Public
#20 Fjordur Public

Background: ASE servers have been using less and less resources due to popularity decline. Our player distribution between ASE and ASA is currently about 50 / 50, with ASA slowly growing as more maps / servers are added. The ASE instances I mentioned above are distributed over 3 dedicated machines. Most ASE instances already run on two OVH servers; these will join them. Meaning less server contracts, still allowing a fully functional ASE cluster, and more financial breathing space for future ASA servers.

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