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October has started, and that means that Halloween is just around the corner.

During the whole month of October, we will be running the Hallows Eve mod on our Patreon-only servers and the public event map. This mod provides several new Halloween-themed items, costumes, decorations, buffs, and contains most of the original “Fear Evolved” content.

Additionally, we’ll be running a Halloween Decor contest for our Patreons. Decorate your bases and submit your entries by October 27th. The winners will be announced on Halloween’s night! You’ll find more information in #announcement-supporters on our Discord!

Dino Claim Timers, 7 Days to Die Alpha 17 and more…

7 Days To Die

Alpha 17 Server

We’re running a server for the new 7 Days To Die Alpha 17 experimental builds, so come join us! For more information, check out this post.


Server Settings

Dino claim timers are now doubled on Ragnarok Supporters #6 and Extinction Supporters #8. That means your dinos are safe for 16 days on these servers. The public servers will remain at a 8 days claim timer.

Statistics Website

The Ark Stats Tracker had an update to include support for modified dino claim time multipliers and extended support for dinos in cryo state.

  • Server overview now shows number of dinos in cryo as a separate number.
  • Statistics for dinos that are in cryo state are now collected for all servers rather than just Extinction #7 and #8.
  • Dinos in cryo state are now shown in a separate server tab.
  • Built in support for longer dino claim timers.
    • Server overview now shows the dino claim timer of that server.
    • Dinos in cryo are assumed to have a claim time of 16 days (given most containers have a 16 days claim timer).
    • (API) Claim expiration is now exposed as a timestamp, instead of the last time a player has reset the dino’s timer.

Dino stats tracker and cryopod support

The last couple of days I worked a bit on Cryopod support for Cryopods are items introduced in the Extinction DLC. They allow dinos to be stored, not unlike Poké balls. Since the dino effectively becomes a stored item, the dino scanner would no longer find them, and instead mark them as dead.

What has been created so far:

  • Creatures in cryopods no longer show up as dead, and show on an indication on the dino details page that they are in cryo state.
  • The location of these cryo-ed creatures is updated based on the inventory they are in. This inventory could be another dino, a player, a storage box, a fridge, etc.
  • The owning player and tribe are updated based on the owner of the inventory. The game does not register any ownership with creatures in cryo state. They can be stolen, and anyone who uses the cryopod will become the new owner of the creature. This means that if the dino is in an storage box, dino or player that is part of your tribe, the cryo-ed creature will stay visible in the dino list of your tribe.
  • A filter was added to the dino search page to specify whether you’re looking for a creature in cryo state.

What still needs to be considered:

  • The claim timer is not updated once creatures are in cryo state, meaning it will run out 7 days after putting it in cryo. It might make sense to copy the claim timer of the inventory it is in, or hide creatures in cryo state from the claimable list. I’ll have to investigate this.
  • Update overviews to make a distinction between dinos that are and are not in cryo state.
  • Structures Plus has a similar way to store dinos in its Vivarium. I might be able to use the same trick to bring those dinos back to life on the website.

Got suggestions? Drop them in the comments below or DM me on Discord!

Extinction rollback due to base destroying patch

Nov 10th, Wildcard released a patch that caused bases to be randomly destroyed over time on the Extinction servers. 6 hours later, Wildcard released a hotfix that would prevent more bases to be destroyed, but did not recover bases that were already wiped by the earlier patch.

Since many tribes lost (big chunks of) their base as a result of the patch, we did a vote for a rollback of our Extinction servers. The majority voted for a rollback of the Patreon server, 50% voted for a rollback of the Public server. Since so many people were affected, we went for a rollback of both Extinction servers, of 6 hours in total, to right before Wildcard released the breaking patch.

Extinction DLC giveaway, follow us on Twitter!

We’re now on Twitter, and we’re giving away a Season Pass for Ark: Survival Evolved.

All you have to do is follow @DomiNATION_Ark on Twitter, and repost this tweet. You’ll be contacted by DM if you’re the winner.

Good luck!