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Welcome to DomiNATION Gaming!
Below you will find the RULES for our Discord and Gaming Servers in English.
For other languages here are the links:   

Link to Rules in Espanol:      Link to Rules in Frances:

 DomiNATION Discord Rules

These are the rules for the DomiNATION Discord. Please be aware that these may change at any time and also apply to DM's with members of this server. Anything you say in a DM can and will be used against you if brought to the admin's with proof.

Discord Rule #1 - Be respectful to each other.

Discord Rule #2 - Don't be racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced.

Discord Rule #3 - Don't use excessive profanity or caps.

Discord Rule #4 - Don't spam.

Discord Rule #5 - Listen to the admins.

Discord Rule #6 - Don't advertise other servers.

Discord Rule #7 - Don't post stuff that is NSFW.

     DomiNATION Ark Rules Long Version

These are the rules for the DomiNATION Ark Cluster. Please be aware that these may change at any time. Anyone who breaks the following rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis and at full discretion of the admins, with varying degrees of punishment up to and including wipes/bans.

  • Ark Rule #1 - Be respectful to others at all times.
  • Ark Rule #2 - No seriously offensive language or hate speech. This includes player, tribe and dino names. Please do not Scream, use Epithets, or any other abusive language towards an Admin who is dealing with you. IN-GAME or IN DISCORD. Please do not Block an ADMIN in DISCORD. This creates a situation where you may not receive help when you desperately need it.


  • Ark Rule #3 - No griefing of other player(s) or base(s). This includes theft or trespassing, dropping, luring or kiting wild dinos with the intent of destruction, dragging or dropping players, spamming building blocks, and leaving dinos scattered across the map for multiple days. This can get in other players way, and be considered another form of griefing. Spamming building blocks to prevent builds by another player. Bullying, Sexual harassment, extorting, insulting or threatening other players in Game or on our Discord. Refusal to leave another players base, or leaving a tame there indefinitely.


  • Ark Rule #4 - Any creatures that have been claimed from another base must be moved from that base within 24 hours. If 24 hours have elapsed, and that creature is still there, it shall be removed. And you may face points if we continue to find dinos scattered over the map from multiple decayed bases. In addition, if the original owner of the creature logs back in while the creatures you have claimed is still at their base, they may reclaim them.


  • Ark Rule #5 - Do not leave creatures on wandering, mating, and/or aggressive unsupervised, unless they are incapable of breeding, are all the same gender, are tethered and/or encumbered, or set in turret mode. Breeding  MUST BE supervised at all times.
    Creatures on wander are subject to odd ark glitches and get stuck in building blocks and or go aggressive and attack other creatures nearby either wild or tamed. Hatchlings or young left to grow up need to be taken off wander as well as they will mate as soon as they reach maturity. Any creatures found wandering on aggressive outside a base will be deleted immediately. DO NOT LEAVE GACHA on WANDER outside of your base FENCE LINE. Those loose in the "Sunken Forest" WILL BE DELETED when an ADMIN FINDS THEM! 
    GACHAS on WANDER in a FENCED IN BASE are acceptable  AS LONG as You are ONLINE with the Gacha herd supervising it.  IF you log off and an admin finds dino’s on WANDER. YOU will receive a  WARNING THE FIRST offense. ANY further occurrences for your tribe will be  REMOVAL of the WANDERING Dino’s, and a 30 Day event ban For the tribe.


  • Ark Rule #6 - Titans are NOT to be transferred off of Extinction, and must be left on passive when not in use.


  • Ark Rule #7 - Do NOT Build in any cave that has an ARTIFACT in it, even if the map has building accessible on that map. Do NOT Build within 8 building blocks of a resource spawn (any type of spawn and the grouping must be larger than three nodes). Do NOT Build on or block the access ways to the Obelisks. Do NOT Block waterways, or Block access in narrow strips of the Beach ways ON ANY SERVER. Do NOT use pillars or foundations to mark your outside property lines. This is considered Foundation/Pillar spam and will be removed. Pillars are acceptable for use if they are under a build (please use the least amount possible) or in the building of water pens as long as they are under the water's surface.


  1. Any Artifact Cave on any Map.
  2. Island – Hidden Lake  or Penguin Glacier
  3. Center – ALL of Flying Isle
  4. AB – Do not block the streams or pathways.
  5. Rag – The Giant Beaver Dam Lake. The Metal Cave at 35.9 Lat by 25.4 Lon. Highland waterfall Cave at 18 Lat by 78 Lon. The Swamp Castle above Viking Bay Is an Entrance to an Artifact Cave.
  6. SE – Do not lock the Oil or Water Wells. Do not block waterways.
  7. EXT - Sunken Forest Beaver Lake, Do not block the spawns in the middle of the lake. Build back from the waters edge. Any city terminal must be treated like a public transmitter. DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS TO THEM. you may enclose in a base but that area must remain accessible to the public via a gate system.
  8. VAL - Do not block Deino spawns, check the wiki page for a spawn map. Do not block any entrance to the underground worlds.
  • Ark Rule #8 - You and your tribe are allowed two (2) bases per server. Maximum allowed size of each base is 100x100 and 25 walls tall. Tribes cannot have DEDICATED tribe bases and PERSONAL BASES for tribe members. Only Permanent taming pens within or adjacent to your base are allowed long term. Temp ones in the wild need to be removed within 24 hours of use, or the tribe/owner will face incurring points. You may temporarily have three bases if you are in the process of relocating, but please inform the admins first.


  • Ark Rule #9 - Admin bases, builds, tribes and dinos are NOT to be touched or messed with in any way, shape or form. This also includes community builds and the EVENT MAP. Admin tribes all have (ADMIN) after the tribe name. If you try to impersonate an admin by adding this to your tribe name, you will be Base wiped. If unclear on Admin tribes, please refer to the Admin Tribe list below the rules for specific tribe names. The EVENT MAP is totally off limit to any claiming or building by players. You may claim things only if Directly told to do so by an Admin running an EVENT.


  • Ark Rule #10 - Admins will not interfere with tribal issues or affairs.This  includes but IS NOT LIMITED to: Errors in tribe management, Leaving a tribe before removing wanted items or tames. Arguments between tribe members, Random killing/stealing/destruction of tribe tames or buildings. REPEATED mistakes made when joining/leaving/ merging tribes. A member of the Admin team may help you on a case by case basis, at their discretion. If you're not sure of how to make a change ASK AN ADMIN BEFORE COMMITTING TO AN ACTION.


  • Ark Rule #11 - Admins will not replace any lost items, builds or dinos for any reason except when due to a server crash, in which case, definitive proof will be required. Proof can be screenshots, chat logs, or website pages. AN admin will NOT help a player retrieve items from their body if they die, nor will they replace items lost to death due to normal play on the servers. This includes time-outs and crashes that are player based. We have no way of knowing what exactly you had on you when you died, as such, we will NEVER replace items lost due to death. Be AWARE: Ark has some World Barriers that are Insta-Death areas. If you or your tame breaches one of these areas you will instantly have a respawn screen. We do not replace anything in these instances. So be aware that this is now a part of NORMAL GAMEPLAY.


  • Ark Rule #12 - The admins have final say on all matters, do not ask one admin something then go to another admin because you didn't like the answer.


  • Ark Rule #13 - Tribe dino cap is set at 500 on non-patreon servers and 1000 on patreon servers. Limits will be checked periodically and tribes found over the limit will have 5 days to lower limits. If 5 days has passed and tribe are still over the limit, the Admin team will kill off any and all dino’s to meet said limit. Repeat offenders are subject to dino wipe.


     DomiNATION Ark Patreon Rules

These rules are for the DomiNATION Ark Patreon's Servers only! All rules posted above still apply, but with slight modification as follows.

  • Patreon Rule #1 - You and your tribe are allowed two (2) bases per server. Maximum allowed size...
      • PAT RAG is 200x200 foundations and 36 walls tall
      • PAT EXT is 100x100 foundations and 72 walls tall
      • PAT AB is 200x200 foundations and 36 walls tall.

          You may temporarily have three bases if you are relocating, but please inform the admins first.

  • Patreon Rule #2 - There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on claiming creatures or demoing bases on the Patreon servers. Any player(s) or tribes that do so will be permanently banned, without the possibility of filing a ban appeal.


    Ark Admin Tribe Names

The following is a full list of the current ARK admins and their tribes on each server. This is a point of reference for Ark Rule #6. Note: as of 11/12/2019 all Admin Tribes will have (Admin) after tribe name.

Ark Server #1 - The PACK/Occulus Dominnii, Bourbon Legends, Anky Petroleum, Sanitarium, Nut House

Ark Server #2 - The PACK/Occulus Dominii, Sanitarium, Bourbon Legends, Anky Petroleum, Flying Dragons, JankeyMonkeys, The Shu'halo, Stranger Spinos

Ark Server #3 - The PACK/Occulus Dominii, Sanitarium, Bourbon Legends, Anky Petroleum

Ark Server #4 - The PACK/Occulus Dominii, Sanitarium, Bourbon Legends, Anky Petroleum, Twits of the Year

Ark Server #5 - The PACK/Occulus Dominii, Sanitarium, Bourbon Legends, Anky Petroleum, mahtoG, JankeyMonkeys, The Shu'halo, Stranger Spinos, Nut House

Ark Server #6 - The PACK/Occulus Dominii, Bourbon Legends, JankeyMonkeys, Anky Petroleum, mahtoG, Stranger Spinos, The Shu’halo, Nut House, Tea Time, Twits of the Year

Ark Server #7 - SANCTUARY, Sanitarium, Descent, Nut House

Ark Server #8 - The PACK/Occulus Dominii, Bourbon Legends, JankeyMonkeys, Anky Petroleum, Pegasus, Inebriated Witches, Nut House

Ark Server #9 - ThePack/OcculusDominii, Sanitarium, The Shu'halo, Flying Dragons, Anky Petroleum, Tea Time, Bourbon Legends, Dunkleo Donuts, Nut House, Dodo

Ark Server #10 - Anky Petroleum, Stranger Spinos, Tea Time

DomiNATION Gaming Point System 2.0

This is the guidelines by which the Admin's follow when issuing punishments. This is public to make it known to all, so each punishment is fair and just. Points are accumulated by breaking the rules, each violation of a rule gains a player(s) points depending on severity and times occurred. Punishments are handed down based on how many points a player(s) has, based on the following guide:

1 - 3 points - Warning issued

4 - 6 points - No element rewarded from events for 30 days

7 - 8 points - 3 day server ban

9 - 12 points - Cluster ban, with the option to appeal in 6 months

12+ points - Permanent cluster ban with no option to appeal

Point System Notes:

  • A player may submit a ban appeal 6 months after their ban by filling out the request form found by typing !help
  • Bans are all encompassing, and include any/all games the player(s) in question play, and may also include Discord. Points fall off at a rate of 3 points every 30 days.
  • First time offenders are given a warning, and 30 day probation, but no points. Any additional violations during this 30 day probation period will count as a second offense and points will be given.
  • A publicly viewable database, showing all current players from all games/servers that have points, as well as the number of points they have and what the points were earned for, can be viewable here - . Those who break the rules will be put on display for everyone here to shame and be aware of the things they have done.




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