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[Sticky] How to Optimize your ARK Play.  


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ARK: Survival Evolved is the one of the most UN-optimized games on Steam. This guide will enable you to optimize your mid to low level computer and play ARK with better FPS and less freeze ups and stuttering. Note: most of the following methods was found by other players. I'm just collecting all useful information into one guide.


First and foremost, you’ll have to be sure your PC can run the game.

ARK: Survival Evolved minimum system requirements:

OS: 64-Bit Win7 SP1, Win8

CPU: Dual(2)-Core with 2,0 GHz


GPU: DX10 Compatible, 1 GB VRAM

DX 10

Space: 60 GB

ARK: Survival Evolved recommended system requirements:

OS: 64-Bit Win10

CPU: Quad(4)-Core with 4,0 GHz

RAM: 16 GB

DX12 Compatible, 4 GB VRAM

DX 12

Space: 100 GB

Launch Options:

In your Steam Library Page, Right click on ARK Survival. Go down to Properties and click. In the window that opens Click the box, Set Launch Options.
Launch Options Window.

In the Launch Options box paste these launch options and click OK: 

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -nomansky -lowmemory -high

List of all useful launch options with descriptions: 

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES - (the game will use all your CPU cores) 
-sm4 and -d3d10 - (runs game with DirectX 10)
-nomansky (removes clouds and some sky effects)
-lowmemory (the game will use only 4gb of your RAM)
-w 640 -h 480 - (runs game in 640x480 resolution)
-full - (fullscreen mode)
-window - (windowed mode with borders)
-noborder - (windowed mode without borders)
-low - (runs ARK as a low-priority process)
-high - (runs ARK as a high-priority process)
-noaafonts - (removes fonts anitalising)
-autoconfig - (return default settings)


In your taskbar, find the NVIDIA GeForce Experience icon. Right click and then left click NVIDIA Control Panel. On the Left side of the window that opens find Manage 3D settings.
In the 3D Settings Panel Scroll down till you find ARK:Survival Evolved.

Input the Following Settings.
Maximum pre-rendered frames = 1
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration = Single display performance
Power management mode = Prefer maximum performance
Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Sample optimization = ON
Texture Filtering - Quality = Performance
Texture Filtering - Trilinear optimization = ON
Triple buffering = Off


Below is the Global profile which will provide the best performance/quality ratio across most titles. Yet, there may be times that you will still be searching for even greater performance (i.e higher frames). When this situation presents itself, there is a primary setting that should always be tested first to see if performance is increased when adjusted via Radeon settings. Everything else would remain the same.

Tessellation Mode: Override Application Settings/ None 

To access these options, open AMD Radeon Settings by right clicking on your desktop, and select AMD Radeon Settings.

Anti-aliasing Mode: -Use application settings (Off in game) 
Anti-aliasing Method: -Multisampling (Off in game)
Morphological Filtering: -Off
Anisotropic Filtering Mode: -Use application settings (Off in game)
Texture Filtering Quality: -Performance
Surface Format Optimization: -On
Wait for Vertical Refresh: -Off, unless application specifies
(Off in game, unless your frames are able to be maintained,
never dropping below your monitors refresh rate)
OpenGL Triple Buffering -Off
Shader Cache: -AMD optimized
Tessellation Mode: -AMD optimized
Frame Rate Target Control: -On
[Set to your monitors maximum refresh rate - EX: 60 is using 60Hz,
75 is using 75Hz etc..]


We’ll walk you through every option as many of them can impact FPS or boost/lower overall game performance: Please note that these options will not be the most optimal setup for all computers, but about 80% of them will see a huge increase in FPS from changing these settings. Open the Options Screen from your ARK Lobby Screen. After altering all of these settings, remember to save them!

Resolution – change this depending on your device and CPU/GPU, desktop computers should not have any problems running 1920×1080 but on a Laptop it’s recommended to use the 1280×768 resolution. 

Window Mode– ALWAYS have this in full screen, Windowed or WindowedFullscreen will decrease your FPS and cause lag and/or frame tearing. Note full window is NOT compatible with alt tabbing.

Resolution Scale – lowering it down will decrease resolution but increase FPS, only lower this as a last resort if you have lag even with other settings optimized. 

World Tile Buffers, View Distance, Anti-Aliasing and Post Processing – set these to medium or low depending on your computer. 

General Shadows, Terrain Shadows, Ambient Lightning – configuring these to the lowest setting will provide you with a nice increase to FPS and overall performance. 

Sky Quality, Ground Clutter Density, Ground Clutter Distance and Mesh Level of Detail – set these between lowest-middle, these will most certainly lower your overall FPS if you have them on max. 

High-Quality Anisotropic Filtering – ON This feature creates smoother looking objects from various points of view. 

Motion Blur – OFF An unimportant aesthetic. 

Film Grain – OFF Another unimportant feature. 

Distance Field Ambient Occlusion – OFF Triggers soft shadows for distant objects. 

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) – OFF Triggers soft shadows for nearby objects. 

Dynamic Tessellation – OFF 

Distance Field Shadowing – OFF Another shadows-related feature. 

High-Quality Materials – OFF This option improves textures of in-game materials. 

Sub Surface Scattering – ON It affects light behavior and makes foliage more realistic. 

High-Quality VFX – OFF It affects all in-game water effects. 

Simple Distance Character Movement – ON It relieves CPU from animations of distant characters. High-Quality LODs – ON Improves the level of detail. 

Extra Level Streaming Distance – OFF This will make map loading faster while moving fast. 

Color Grading – ON Slightly improves colors. It won’t affect FPS. 

Light Bloom – Personal Choice. Won’t affect performance. Can cause blinding bright spots. 

Light Shafts – Personal Choice. It doesn’t affect performance. Can cause bright Shafts of light. 

Mesh Level of Detail (LOD) – Again. you can choose to disable/enable it by your own preferences. It affects GPU VRAM marginally.


Long Load Time / Fatal Errors on load 

Anytime you experience either Exceptional long loading times or Fatal errors on loading. 

EXIT GAME, EXIT STEAM, and then re-enter the game lobby and try again. If it repeatedly loads slowly or errors, try doing a Re-Verify of your game files. 

(Steam>game>right click go down to properties>on properties box click "browse local files" tab>go to Re-Verify files button>Re-Verify.).



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