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Anyone who breaks the following rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis and fully at the discretion of the admins,with varying degrees of punishment up to and including wipes/bans.

Ten Point Ban system.
Punishment determined by current number of points a person a person has.

  • 0 Points - No action taken.
  • 1-3 Points - 24 Hour Ban
  • 4-6 Points - 3 Day Ban
  • 7-9 Points - 1 Week Ban (7 Days)
  • 10 Points - Permanent Ban

Each violation of a rule is 3 points, regardless of what rule or previous violations of that rule.
Points fall off at a rate of 3 per 30 days.


  1. Be respectful to others at all times.
  2. No griefing.  The admin team defines griefing as any action(s) that causes another player(s) or group(s) grief. If you aren't sure what you have done or plan to do is griefing, ask yourself this: Would I be mad, upset, or want an admin to get involved if somebody did to me what I'm about to do to somebody else? If the answer is yes, maybe, or probably, then don't do it.
  3. No hate speech.  No racist/sexist/prejudiced speech of any kind will be tolerated against any group(s) or individual(s). 
  4. No offensive creature/player/company names.
  5. You may have one small base with a small raft/dinghy small pier, OR TWO Ships with BEDS in each non-Permanent Shard.
  6. Admin creatures/Claims/builds/Ships/Companies are strictly off limits.  These are not to be messed with in any way, shape, or form. This includes community builds In FREEPORT or the GOLDEN AGE ISLAND.
  7. Do not leave creatures on wandering, mating, and/or aggressive under any circumstances or for any reason.
  8. Do not leave creatures laying around the shards outside of your claim(s). Any such creatures that are found or reported will be killed instantly. No exceptions.
  9. Do not block access to rare resources, artifacts, dungeons, or other points of interest. This includes the main Isle of FREEPORT.
  10. Admins will not interfere in internal company issues and affairs. Nor will Admins interfere in inter-company affairs between two or more companies. Unless it is a matter defined as griefing. Resolve these things yourselves.
  11. Admins will not replace lost items, buildings, ships, or creatures for ANY reason. Do not ask.
  12. Use common sense. If you think something might be wrong, it probably is. If you're not sure, ask an Admin or a Patreon.
  13. If an admin tells you something, do not ask a different admin the same thing, hoping to get a different answer.
  14. A ban is able to be appealed by going through the proper channels. The admins will review and respond to a ban appeal as they deem appropriate. Once made, the decision is final.
  15. The admins have the final say on ALL matters. Do not argue with the admins. These rules are subject to change at any time, and fully at the discretion of the admin team.


Server CO-Owner: _Funtimes
Server CO-Owner: Dodo_ Kakoen
Admin: Vipers Nest _ Alphynen Bloodhart
Admin: Cydonia_Zafferice
Admin: _Nugget
Admin: mahtoG_Rekoj