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[Sticky] How to Optimize your CONAN EXILES Play.  


Alphynen (Nenyhpla)
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09/07/2019 6:38 am  

Long Load Time / Fatal Errors on load 

Anytime you experience either Exceptional long loading times or Fatal errors on loading. 

EXIT GAME, EXIT STEAM, and then re-enter the game lobby and try again. If it repeatedly loads slowly or errors, try doing a Re-Verify of your game files. 

(Steam>game>right click go down to properties>on properties box click "browse local files" tab>go to Re-Verify files button>Re-Verify.).


Locate your Engine.ini file, which should be found here: 

Steam>right click game title>Properties>Local files tab>Browse Local files box=click it> in window that opens>ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Engine.ini folder. 

Open Engine.ini, Edit it in notepad, and add the following to the end of the file: 


Save the file, then right click the file again and go to Properties and click attributes and then click READ only. This will keep the new changes through patches. Close all of this and start the game. You should no longer experience freezes when alt tabbing.

BEST Video Settings for HIGH FPS and Quality Video 

Go to Conan Settings Screen Before entering game and click on the Video Tab: 

Set Max FPS to 60 for Desk Tops with a 960 or better Card 

Set Max FPS to 30 for a Lap Top 

View Distance: Medium 

Post Processing: Ultra 

General Shadows: Low 

Effects Quality: Low 

Texture Quality: Medium 

Foliage Quality: Medium 

Anti-Aliasing: Off


If you do not want to edit files, just hit the [ESC] key when the Funcom logo comes up. 

Otherwise, this is correct: IN STEAM LIBRARY PAGE, Right click : Conan Exiles\properties\local files\browse local files\ConanSandbox\Config open "DefaultGame.ini” and set: 

(these will be + instead of - so reset them all to the -) 

SAVE the file. 

Close the File. 

In the File manager, find the file you just opened, and right click on it. Go down to properties and click that. In the box that shows please go to the bottom of the box and click the box that says Attributes and click the Read only box and then click ok. This will save the file in a way that when the game updates the files the file will not be reset to the previous settings.

Conan Launch Options

To set your Launch options to optimize your game play. Follow these instructions: Right Click on your game in the Steam Library list, scroll down to the bottom and left click properties.

This will open a second box called Conan Properties. In the middle of that box is a button called "Set Launch Options" click on that.

In the box that opens cut and paste this line of code:

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -lowmemory -window -high 
(Note: the -window, will make your game start in windowed mode.
This can slow your fps rate down on some Pc's.)
It is not required and you may remove it.


In your taskbar, find the NVIDIA GeForce Experience icon. Right click and then left click NVIDIA Control Panel. On the Left side of the window that opens find Manage 3D settings.

In the 3D Settings Panel Scroll down till you find ARK:Survival Evolved.

Input the Following Settings.

Maximum pre-rendered frames = 1
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration = Single display performance
Power management mode = Prefer maximum performance
Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Sample optimization = ON
Texture Filtering - Quality = Performance
Texture Filtering - Trilinear optimization = ON
Triple buffering = Off


Below is the Global profile which will provide the best performance/quality ratio across most titles. Yet, there may be times that you will still be searching for even greater performance (i.e higher frames). When this situation presents itself, there is a primary setting that should always be tested first to see if performance is increased when adjusted via Radeon settings. Everything else would remain the same.

Tessellation Mode: Override Application Settings/ None 

To access these options, open AMD Radeon Settings by right clicking on your desktop, and select AMD Radeon Settings.

Anti-aliasing Mode: -Use application settings (Off in game)

Anti-aliasing Method: -Multisampling (Off in game)

Morphological Filtering: -Off

Anisotropic Filtering Mode: -Use application settings (Off in game)

Texture Filtering Quality: -Performance

Surface Format Optimization: -On

Wait for Vertical Refresh: -Off, unless application specifies

(Off in game, unless your frames are able to be maintained,

never dropping below your monitors refresh rate)

OpenGL Triple Buffering -Off

Shader Cache: -AMD optimized

Tessellation Mode: -AMD optimized

Frame Rate Target Control: -On

[Set to your monitors maximum refresh rate - EX: 60 is using 60Hz,

75 is using 75Hz etc..]


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