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[Sticky] Minecraft Server Info  


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Server Info

Server Address:
Web-based map:
Server Stats:
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

Join the chat on our Discord Server



AsyncWorldEdit v3.5.4 - Makes WorldEdit perform better
AutoMessage v2.5.5 - Show rotating messages
ChestShop v3.8.13 - Set up player / admin shops
DiscordSRV v1.16.3 (customized) - Discord integration, sets Supporter / Admin roles and nickname
DynMap v2.5-Dev201706100405 - Provides a map accessible through your web browser
EssentialsX v2.15.0.16
EssentialsXChat v2.15.0.16
EssentialsXSpawn v2.15.0.16
GriefPrevention v16.7.7 - Claim land and protect it
JDynmapGriefPrevention v2.5.1 - Shows GriefPrevention areas on the browser map
LogBlock v1.12 - Provides admins with player logs
McMMO v1.5.09 - Skills, Partying, Experience and more
Multiverse-Core v2.6.0-SNAPSHOT-b736 - Enables the creation of multiple worlds
PermissionsEx v1.23.4 - Permission manager
RandomTP v2.3 - Teleports you to a random location in the world
SurvivalGames v6.3 - Create arenas for players to fight till death, battle-royale style
Vault v1.5.6-b49 - Currency manager
VeinMiner v1.11.3 - Allows to mine veins in one hit, instead of mining each block separately
WorldEdit v6.1.9 - Provides admins with tools to edit worlds
WorldGuard v6.2.2 - Provides admins with tools to protect worlds



How to get your Supporter rank in-game?
Type /discord link in-game and you get a code that you can DM to our Discord bot (domination-mc-bot). Once that is done your ranks will be updated.

How do I claim?
The GriefPrevention Plugin is pretty helpful in instructing you to claim land. Put down your first chest and you'll get a 10x10 claim around it. You can resize it with a golden shovel, which you can get by typing [b]/kit tools[/b], or upon first login. Right-click with a stick inside your claim to reveal it. Then right-click one of the corners (shown as glowstone blocks) with the shovel, and right-click somewhere else to resize it. When you start on the server you get 100 claim blocks, but that will gradually increase to 2000 every hour.

See GriefPrevention Commands for an overview of what you can do with your claim.


Change Log


  • Removed TreeFeller plugin as it conflicts with McMMO's ability to cut trees in one hit. Hold shift while chopping down a tree and you'll cut the full tree.
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