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Dino Claim Timers, 7 Days to Die Alpha 17 and more…

7 Days To Die

Alpha 17 Server

We’re running a server for the new 7 Days To Die Alpha 17 experimental builds, so come join us! For more information, check out this post.


Server Settings

Dino claim timers are now doubled on Ragnarok Supporters #6 and Extinction Supporters #8. That means your dinos are safe for 16 days on these servers. The public servers will remain at a 8 days claim timer.

Statistics Website

The Ark Stats Tracker had an update to include support for modified dino claim time multipliers and extended support for dinos in cryo state.

  • Server overview now shows number of dinos in cryo as a separate number.
  • Statistics for dinos that are in cryo state are now collected for all servers rather than just Extinction #7 and #8.
  • Dinos in cryo state are now shown in a separate server tab.
  • Built in support for longer dino claim timers.
    • Server overview now shows the dino claim timer of that server.
    • Dinos in cryo are assumed to have a claim time of 16 days (given most containers have a 16 days claim timer).
    • (API) Claim expiration is now exposed as a timestamp, instead of the last time a player has reset the dino’s timer.

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