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Extinction rollback due to base destroying patch

Nov 10th, Wildcard released a patch that caused bases to be randomly destroyed over time on the Extinction servers. 6 hours later, Wildcard released a hotfix that would prevent more bases to be destroyed, but did not recover bases that were already wiped by the earlier patch.

Since many tribes lost (big chunks of) their base as a result of the patch, we did a vote for a rollback of our Extinction servers. The majority voted for a rollback of the Patreon server, 50% voted for a rollback of the Public server. Since so many people were affected, we went for a rollback of both Extinction servers, of 6 hours in total, to right before Wildcard released the breaking patch.

The team is hard at work to provide compensations for Wildcard’s booboo:

  • We’ll be handing out starter kits for those who just started on the server in the period that has been rolled back and lost all of their progress (check out Alphy’s announcement just above this one)
  • The admin team received a list of tames that are lost as part of the rollback. You can request a replacement if you lost a tame that you can not easily replace. (check out Alphy’s announcent just below this one)

Both of these will be handed out Sunday at 10am EST (given there are no more issues)

We’re sorry for those who lost a couple of hours of (and maybe all) progress. I hope, besides the effort that admins put in, other players will help you get started up again.

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