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Please do not suggest ideas that are already there. Vote on them instead! That way we can quickly see what suggestions are in highest demand to be answered.

Thank you for your input and helping us to improve DomiNATION!

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46 votes

Add a Genesis 2 Patreon server.

Add a Genesis 2 Patreon server. There has been lots of talk in game chat on Genesis 2 #17 about wishing there were a Patreon…

Completed 2 comments
41 votes

Open Transfers anyways

Ryno has a good point. we should see how many people want it open so its less one sided.

Completed 7 comments
40 votes

Keeping #20 Fjordur Closed For Longer

Everyone is enjoying the starting over and playing on Fjordur seperately. Opening transfers would ruin the map and the experience for a lot of people…

Completed 17 comments
32 votes

Remove Primitive BPs from Drop Loot Table

As request says, just to clean up the game, suggestion is to remove primitive BPs from drops loot tables since we can get all the…

Completed 2 comments
32 votes

Change Tek Forge/Fridge/Stove requirements

Replace Alpha/Beta/Gamma King Titan trophy requirements with Frost Titan/Desert Titan/Forest Titan trophy requirements. This still requires completing a titan to get the item but doesn’t…

Completed 4 comments
27 votes

Imprint boost

Once a month have the imprints doubled or tripled for 24 hours preferable on a Sunday to make imprinting easy and doable so If we…

Completed 6 comments
15 votes

Increase base size limits for Genesis

Increase the base size limitations on Genesis servers. The mission areas consume a lot of real estate, but Genesis is dead, and nobody plays there.…

Completed 4 comments