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Adjust the Size of the Rules Reminders in Chat to fix the Chat scrolling

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Adjust the Size of the Rules Reminders in Chat to fix the Chat scrolling

The Problem – The rules being posted in the chat on repeat while useful is causing the chat to no longer auto scroll to the bottom. So you are unable to see people in chat after playing for a while. Who it affects most- Players on smaller servers. if you are not on CI | Rag | Island the chat is often outrun by the rules spam. Suggestion – Looking at how to solve this problem. My suggestion is to adjust the size of the text to the default size, so we still will get the rules but the auto scroll should keep up. so as we play if somebody types in chat we can see it. Whats everybody think? Thanks, Ithaka
Declined Ithica shared this idea


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  1. Alphynen

    Ark chat box has some glitchiness to it .. the size of the messages are not the issue. It is your client. Usually a relog fixes the UI issues.

  2. Ithica

    ……. of course reloging fixes the issue it clears chat.
    let me just relog every time it spams the rules..

  3. BeOurGuest

    This is hard coded into ark. There is no way to edit the size, color, ect of the server chat messages.

  4. Sarah [CC]

    Declined for now. If this is something the community is interested in now, please submit a new suggestion.

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