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Allow people to pick reward for events

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Allow people to pick reward for events

Instead of just offering element during events where element is an option, it would be a good idea to allow people to choose from. For example, they could choose from element, mutagen, or r seeds. This will allow players to choose what they need at that time.
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  1. Eurgiga

    I feel like Mutagen and R-Seeds could be more practically worked into other things like beacon drops, cave crates, boss/fishing rewards, etc, in a way that would not require ongoing work by the Admin and make them more fairly available to people whose work and life schedules don’t allow them to attend events. Adding a choice to the reward would also necessarily make reward dropoff runs take a fair bit longer as it would require an Admin to do a quick Q&A before every person in line to see what they wanted, and this is before you talk about paralysis of choice when you get people who haven’t even analyzed the question before getting to the front of the line.

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