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Change the Purge Structure from Flags to Something Else ™

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Change the Purge Structure from Flags to Something Else (tm)

Purging got ya down? Need more time? Don’t want to catch active players who have legitimate reason to be away for longer than the time you need? Then YOU need Something Else ™! Trade those blasé, short-timered flags for Something Else ™ like a fabulous Stone Dino Gate, with your Handy Dandy Purge Program from Kakoen Inc. all six-region paintable structures are functionally equal! All silliness aside, the purge program can detect colors on structures and could be configured to scan for any structure, or multiple structures. Imagine being able to say “Put up ANY dino gate frame (simple, stone, metal, tek) and paint it colors X and Y” and it works. Admins can extend purge times without catching more active but unfortunate players in the mix by merely allowing structures with longer decay timers. I suggest dino gates because they’re big, easy to spot and have color regions visible from a long ways away, but I’m sure with some thought you can come up with other options. This suggestion was made after a discussion with an admin in Discord.
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  1. Sarah [CC]

    Declined for now. If this is something the community is interested in now, please submit a new suggestion.

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