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Element Blueprints on pat maps

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Element Blueprints on pat maps

Title says it all. Tek forges are too slow and tbh not everyone can just spawn one in. Spawn in the blue prints and give them out. Not everyone has time to farm a tek forge.
Declined RagingBrainer [CC] shared this idea


  1. BeOurGuest

    There is no such thing as an element blueprint or an element shards blueprint. They were never coded in by wildcard. The closest blueprints are the unstable shard and unstable element blueprints. Changing the code on the pat servers to match the current code on Gen 2 for instance, would make the craft time from dust to element on a pat map increase by over four minutes per element which is why it was not originally included. However if this is something people want we can include that code change to pat maps as well.

  2. RagingBrainer

    Thank you for clarifying that!!! I was always curious as to why. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I do agree this would have to be something to be voted on by the other pats. I would like to apologize for my bluntness. I am in the middle of battling food poisoning.

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