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implement ingame cross-chat

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implement ingame cross-chat

To create better sense of community and to help players get help quicker, please implement cross-chat across the entire cluster. There is way too many maps and we are too spread out. Discord is an important tool, but its overlay is not a replacement for ingame chat. Discord could use another channel, though, to have the ingame chat integrated into it and broadcast there.
Under Review Kolobok shared this idea


  1. Eurgiga

    If there’s any way to do this ingame instead it might be even better, a sort of Global chat function. Each server’s chat might be ‘regional’ instead of ‘global’. That might require a mod, though. If it’s logged in Discord, I feel like that may be a little too much- if I know what I say in Global is being preserved for an indefinite period of time I’m going to be discouraged from interacting.

  2. kit

    If I’m understanding this correctly and this is ‘in game’ would there be a way to disable or mute this? I don’t mean the hide feature the chat currently has, because that only hides it when there is no text coming across. I can see this being a great feature for some and even for sometimes, but I think it could be very distracting when the chat window never goes away. But maybe I’m not understanding what’s being asked.

  3. Kakoen

    There is a tool that does this, but it basically shows server messages for all global messages that are sent. People have already given feedback that too many server messages cause the chat scroll to be buggy. So it seems that we can’t solve this well without a mod.

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