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mods review/replace for supporter maps and Exodus Wipe

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mods review/replace for supporter maps and Exodus Wipe

It’s been about a year since mods have been in place for Pat Val and CI maps and CKF has been in place longer. This suggestion is to review how useful those mods have been to the population and if they are strong enough to attract new players and retain existing ones. My personal view is that CKF mod, CI and Val Dinos have very limited use. Especially because all those dinos cannot be taken outside of supporter maps. The only creature I use from that collection is Indom, which can be replaced by its own mod. If some mods are taken out, perhaps other mods that can have better QOL implications on supporters, can replace them. My suggestions are the Indom mod or Dino Storage mod. Finally, it has been suggested a long time ago, but I cannot remember what the status of this suggestion is. Perhaps, once a year every Pat Map needs a fresh start through Exodus Wipe, where we can get our precious dinos and other belongings and rebuild on another map. Pat Val is a year old and is already having some issues with lag. Rebuilding with S+ should not be an issue. Have a Nice Day!
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