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Only keep events for 2 weeks after the official end date.

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Only keep events for 2 weeks after the official end date.

Most people complain about seeing the same colors and items over and over for weeks, sometimes months. The valentines event, in particular, has been bugging Genesis 2’s breeding; crashing the player nearly every time they breed.
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  1. Birb

    While I’m sure many would appreciate having more time between events, I would say please extend events after they naturally end to 3 to 3/12 weeks. WC has stated we are not going to get events at all in the coming year, so events are iffy. This extra grace period would allow players to come on if they missed an event, such as the infamously short V-Day event.

  2. RagingBrainer [CC]

    To be honest if it is buggy I do agree it should pop off ASAP. However, if it is fine and causes no problems I do not see why we should take it off at all. The easter one has a lot of options. As a player I have no problems with the events running a long time. Unless they are broken like the Valentine’s one was. However, removing them sooner from the servers and switching them to auto update before the events come out should resolve the problem of people not being able to get on when the events change. So maybe longer than 2 weeks but not until the next event. Stopping a month short of the next event would be a good idea imo though. Except Halloween xD That one we should just run all year lol

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