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Overcome the STA Mission Bug.

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Overcome the STA Mission Bug.

I understand that the ‘Survive The Ark’ missions are currently broken, and it is unknown if/when Wild Card will fix them. Thus, I was thinking of a way to circumvent that. There are some videos circulating on Youtube that explain how to bypass specific missions using the admincheat code: “forcecompleteactivemission 0”. You basically enter the fight, type this code in, which in turn ends the mission and you receive a “Mission Completed” message. I tested it in SP and it does in fact work, although I have no way of testing it with multiple people. With all of this being said, I was wondering if the admins would be willing to host a pop-up event of sorts specifically catered to the STA missions. Where people could sign up as usual and meet at a mission terminal. The admins could take 3-4 people in at a time and bypass the STA missions: Gamma, Beta, and Alpha. When I tested it in SP, it took less than 5 minutes to do all 3 missions. I understand that in doing this there could be a lot of people to show up. Maybe there could be some sort of requirements? For example, players who wish to attend must have most, if not all, other missions already completed up to beta. Just my thoughts.
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  1. Eurgiga

    I feel like this is a reasonable compromise, and certainly better than stubborn players crashing the server in their attempts to do the mission. I don’t think there’s a practical way to check mission completion status so it’d probably have to be open to everyone.

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