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Please do not suggest ideas that are already there. Vote on them instead! That way we can quickly see what suggestions are in highest demand to be answered.

Thank you for your input and helping us to improve DomiNATION!

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8 votes

Hide S+ items that are completely disabled

It has recently come to my attention that some of the s+ engrams that are disabled can be hidden from our view. I understand it…

Under Review 1 comment
7 votes

MarniiMod Hairstyles

MarniiMod Hairstyles is obviously a hairstyle mod – I think it would be cool to add some pizaz to a character, It comes with a…

Under Review 3 comments
7 votes

Patreon Servers - S+ Option

Did you know S+ ladders can teleport you from top to bottom. It is in the ini files on all S+ ladders they have an…

Under Review 1 comment
7 votes

Extend Structure Limit on Boats

Ever start a cool build and come up short because of a structure limit? This is a suggestion to extend the structure limit on boats…

Under Review 1 comment
6 votes

Marnii's Horse Mod

I would like to see the horse mod added to our supporters maps. Here is a link to the mods.

Under Review 1 comment
5 votes

Nerf S+ Vivariums

S+ Vivariums are extreamly overpowered. They over automate the game and can make it so one doesn’t have to farm at all. They scale off…

1 comment
3 votes

Make the Island say #1

It bothers me a lot that it doesn’t say #1 and is put at the bottom of the list.