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Please do not suggest ideas that are already there. Vote on them instead! That way we can quickly see what suggestions are in highest demand to be answered.

Thank you for your input and helping us to improve DomiNATION!

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9 votes

Patreon Lost Island

I’m proposing that a patreon lost island map be added to the cluster. The map offers a ton of open flat land for breeders to…

Under Review 2 comments
7 votes

Patreon Servers - S+ Option

Did you know S+ ladders can teleport you from top to bottom. It is in the ini files on all S+ ladders they have an…

Under Review 1 comment
10 votes

Readd Auction House Mod

Shifty previously suggested that we add this mod, and I fully agree! I understand that it was once a part of the server but was…

Under Review 1 comment
15 votes

implement ingame cross-chat

To create better sense of community and to help players get help quicker, please implement cross-chat across the entire cluster. There is way too many…

Under Review 3 comments
7 votes

Extend Structure Limit on Boats

Ever start a cool build and come up short because of a structure limit? This is a suggestion to extend the structure limit on boats…

Under Review 1 comment
16 votes

Add Auction House Mod to Event Map

To facilitate easier trade on our cluster, I suggest to add Auction House Mod to Event Map only. Admins would place a few auctioneer booths…

Under Review 1 comment