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Please do not suggest ideas that are already there. Vote on them instead! That way we can quickly see what suggestions are in highest demand to be answered.

Thank you for your input and helping us to improve DomiNATION!

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1 vote

primal fear

its fun and its a experionce to try it u will be at the edge of your seat trying to do anything in this mod…

Declined 2 comments
1 vote

Disable yellow announcement text

Things said in chat are often missed due to the yellow announcement text and it also breaks the chatbox.

Declined 1 comment
22 votes

Enable Automatic Learning of Engrams upon Level Up

We should enable the learning of engrams automatically upon level up. This has several benefits. Firstly, it automatically unlocks Tek Engrams that aren’t map specific…

Declined 5 comments
13 votes

Increase Pat Dinos per supporter Tier

Increase number of pat dinos with supporter tiers. For example, $15 tier gets 2, and $20 gets 3, something along those lines. This can motivate…

Declined 2 comments