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PVP Map for the cluster

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PVP Map for the cluster

a few people in the discord have been throwing around the idea of asking for a PVP map, rough idea but we as a test run transfer over our characters, with only a slot cap of items[arguable as a trial run], set up base then try to raid each other, nothing bring to the map leaves as to not loose your lines but more to spend resources for fun, then if need be wipe the server an start a clean slate as a pvp map, like the island, tribes consist of at most 4-6 as to not make super alpha tribes, an as for the drama it may ensue as to not leak over to other maps, all issues caused on pvp stay on pvp an if they cant respect that they get points, if they dont follow the rules the admins set they get points all the same as if they let tames breed on a non pat server and a new discord /discord chat specifically for the pvp, such as trades on pvp an such, gentleman’s rules, we in the discord hope yall consider, seems a great number want it to happen, so long as everyones mature about it should be minimal issues, theoretically , an again, after the trial run, there intentionaly wont be any transfering so you dont have tames such as karkanos on the island,or stryders,only vanilla or map specific tames only as to keep the pvp fair enough. also building in caves should be allowed for pvp
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  1. Sarah [CC]

    We spoke about this. No set decision has been made. This would need monitoring if it does come out though to make sure animosity/toxicity does not roll over the the PVE server. Watching to see how many votes it gets.

  2. tenny

    A pvp server would be an awesome thing to be added to Domi. Though I disagree entirely with a few points; bringing over loot/survivors, I do think its a good idea. A lot of players would love to play some pvp with familiar faces being around. I know last time there was drama but in all honesty, which it seems to be unbelievable, moderating the chat and having it seperate from the pve would indeed make it not toxic. The people who would still find a way to be toxic and upset would have themselves to blame since there wouldn’t be toxic chatting allowed or teaming certain players. I think there should only be 6 allowed in a tribe and no allying allowed. If player’s tried to be toxic on the pve chat they would be muted/banned/timeouted/ like they would for any other reason. Just some thoughts I had.

  3. Dralth_Drakenguard

    Also, I’d like to add that unless you’re waiting on team-mates to arrive, there should be No squatting at player spawn-points. Cynder has been killed before in other pvp servers due to that! Players squat and kill incoming players in order for an easy kill!!

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