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Remove imprinting from S+ Cloner

9 votes

Remove imprinting from S+ Cloner

Remove keeping the imprint/boosted stats on S+ Cloner as this is highly unfair for breeders on the cluster. If this is not possible, remove S+ Cloner all together again.
Declined DeepSeaDoc78 shared this idea


  1. Eurgiga

    I concur. I don’t think anyone realized that the S+ cloner could copy imprint values, and if they did they would’ve spoken up about it sooner. As it stands, what this will cause is dino sellers will have to begin really raising their price as now supporters can buy one imprinted dino and be done for life. This massively disadvantages non-supporters as they don’t have access to S+ Cloners, meaning that bred dino sales will be prohibitively expensive for anyone but a supporter who can then use the cloner to make an army. This will almost completely price out non-supporters from these sales and concurrently kill the interest of a lot of sellers. If this function can be disabled it’s very much worth it.

      • Dacey

        I still stand by this. I think it would help bring people back to the yardsale, and even the trading channel. It has even gone a little stale.

        This suggestion has my vote, can’t click it for some reason

  2. Sarah [CC]

    Just commenting to mention what the settings allow. It is not possible to turn off the imprint being transferred over. We could turn off cloning of neutered and/or cloned dinos.

    • Eurgiga

      Thanks, good to know! Is it an all or nothing thing, like it can be “yes neutered and cloned dinos” or “no neutered or cloned dinos” but not “no neutered dinos but yes cloned dinos”? If it’s separate turning off cloning for neutered dinos might be the best bet.

        • DeepSeaDoc78

          Good to know Sarah. Turning the setting to clone off allowing clipped and cloned dinos would be the best option here then as that eliminates the concern for breeders. I don’t see any abuse concerns with allowing unclipped and non cloned dinos since it’s the original owner doing it then.

  3. RagingBrainer

    Alright. Since I was the one that originally suggested that the S+ cloner come back I feel the need to comment. NOW. There is a setting to disable the cloning of NEUTERED dinos and I think we should enable that. My original suggestion was the cloner come back in the most basic of forms in order to allow the cloning of dinos not allowed by the vanilla one. Or hard to clone ones like astrodelphis (space dolphins). That being said I do believe if we DISABLED the ability to clone NEUTERED dinos it would balance everything out and not cause breeders worry.

    Please do not just outright disable the cloner. There are quite a few of us that need it to make our lives easier.

    Here is a link to the S+ configs so people can see what can and cannot be done with the mod.

    • DeepSeaDoc78

      Understand and agree. The cloning of clipped dinos is the real sticking point here. Totally get your point on being able to clone something like I assume is a tek quetz, etc.

  4. tenny

    You’ve always been able to clone dinos that you buy from other people’s lines. An imprint staying is not going to make a difference to if someone wants to clone your dino or not. Also, all of this is speculation and literally nothing has actually happened because of this change. Just my thoughts.

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