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Weekly Dino Auction (Lost Isles, maybe more?)

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Weekly Dino Auction (Lost Isles, maybe more?)

We can hold a weekly in person auction for dinos of all shapes and sizes. It will be a fun way to sell dinos and show off your best of the best stock, while also drumming up a good price.
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  1. Xeryis

    As somebody who can’t attend yard sales to buy or sell Dino’s because I never get a Saturday off work I can agree that it would be nice to have a weekday time maybe evening that people could still do yardsale activities


    @TIGRA PHOENIX It would involve players actively bidding against one another like a traditional IRL auction. Going once, going twice, sold! Like XERYIS said also, it would give another chance for people who can’t attend yard sales, to sell or buy dinos.

  3. Sarah [CC]

    While we see the benefit of this, and like the idea, this is not something that the admins could do on a weekly basis. If the players want to do this, you are all able to do so. This is definitely a good idea. If you would like, reach out to me and we will help you find a location and build it.

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